Kevin L. McCrudden
Kevin L. McCrudden is an international author and speaker. His book, "Who Are You?" and six audiobooks have sold in over 30 countries around the world.

He is one of the most visible motivational and leadership speakers, management, leadership and sales trainers in America today. His creation of National Motivation & Inspiration Day, after the tragic events of 9-11-01 and it's passage by The United States Congress and New York State has lead to many appearances on national TV and radio programs.

Kevin is an accomplished speaker and trainer that creates results!

Here are two testimonials that say more than we ever could:

Ever since the Delphic oracle said, “Man, know thyself,” self-knowledge and self-understanding have been essential to inner happiness and outer achievement. (Kevin) shows you how to gain the inner awareness that can change your life.” ~ World Renowned Author and Speaker ~ Brian Tracy

"Kevin McCrudden feeds our daily appetite for motivation and inspiration. A unique talent among leadership speakers, he applies his practical experience as a corporate trainer and consultant to influence real change. His creative addition to Dr. Maslow's brilliant work on what motivates us showcases his ability to use theoretical model to make practical changes that impact performance."​
Leadership Expert, Author and Speaker, Publisher of Leadership Excellence ~ Ken Shelton

In his book, "Who Are You?"​ Kevin introduces the most significant addition to Dr. Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in 60 years, which many consider the foundational study on human behavior and motivation.

Kevin is a leading Motivational and Leadership speaker with experience in Management, Leadership, Sales Training and Executive Coaching. He is not your typical Key Note Speaker or Commencement Speaker. He will leave your audience energized and prepared to make a change in their lives ! The motto of his company, Motivate America is, "take action to make things happen."

"Hi, I'm Kevin McCrudden.

I'm the son of Irish immigrants that came to America after World War II. My twin sister and I are the youngest of eight children.  Yes, we are a big Irish Catholic family.

I have had the fortune of being born with limited means.  Yes.  We were poor, but not poor in spirit! 

Of 5 boys in our family, we all became "professional athletes," and being the youngest, I learned an awful lot watching my older brothers.  I know a thing or two about performance. 

My sisters were the support system in an otherwise dysfunctional family.  They provided the support and guidance that helped create any kind of "stability" for our family.
My twin sister was born with a touch of the German Measels, which caused her to lose her hearing at an early age. Yes, that has taught us all a lot of lessons as well.

I have had many challenges in my life, which have lead me to embrace the personal and professional development, or "self help" industry.  I truly beleieve that it is one of the most underutilized assets that we have in America and around the world.  We, frankly, wait too long to make people and children aware of the amazing potential that we all have within us! Our power, strength and determination!  Our ability to achieve great things! 

One of the greatest and fundamentally sound quotes that has ever been made and has had an enormous impact on my life was by one of the "founding fathers" of the "motivational / self help" industry, Napoleon Hill.  He said,

"Whatever the mind of man can percieve and believe, they can achieve!"

With this in mind, I have created my company, Motivate America, Inc., and founded National Motivation & Inspiration Day, a day dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to establish goals for every year!  Becoming a more "goal oriented" society!  If you can "percieve it" and write it down and see it every day, and dream and visualize and "believe it," then you can "achieve it!"

It all begins with setting your goals and focusing your energy and intention upon achieving your goals.

However, there is one critical thing to remember.  we are here on God's time and not our own. Things may not happen when and how we want them too, but they will happen on God's time.

Thank you for stopping by this site and reading, I hope that it helps "inpire" you, to "take action to make things happen" in your life.

God Bless!

"If it's to be, it's up to me."

"Take action to make things happen!"
Kevin L. McCrudden